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Founded by Callum Ramsay Photography 

Professional photography, video and drone designed for construction and landscaping  companies 

Elemental Imagery provides construction and landscaping companies in the Ottawa area with high-quality professional photography, video and drone footage of sites and services to enhance marketing initiatives. 

Artistic photography enables companies to showcase their offerings through unique and eye-catching imagery, with the purpose of telling a story within each frame.

The competition for attention in any industry is fierce. Each element of any service needs to be unique and contribute to the end goal - to attract and retain a growing clientele base. High quality imagery generates interest and excitement every step along the way. 

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Free consultations


On the ground &

in the air


Creative &

unique perspectives

Camp Fire

The final product 

Alicia Milne

CEO, President and Director of Q2 Metals Corp. 

"Callum was a true professional and took some amazing shots and drone footage.  He researched the work project & area which resulted in good footage that we will be able to use on all of our media platforms.  He worked with us on what we wanted and the end product was very well organized and exactly what we needed."

Success Stories

Enhance your website, marketing initiatives, and media using the services of Elemental Imagery. 

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