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Founded by Callum Ramsay Photography 

Professional photography, video and drone to display sustainable mining practices 

The world is in need of more sustainable practices across all industries and you are answering the call. Let Elemental Imagery showcase your initiatives through high-quality professional photography, video and drone imagery.

Driven to support sustainability and reduce environmental impact, Elemental Imagery is greatly motivated to collaborate with companies that are doing their part.

The demand for natural resources and the need to protect our environment is more critical than ever before. Companies with a commitment to environmental, social and (corporate) governance (ESG) must be able to demonstrate their performance as it relates to social and environmental impact. High-quality imagery can tell the stories of your commitment, impact and high-level best practices which you and your team are proud to prioritize as an organization. 

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Pre-event Planning


A passion for positive impact 


A green &

technical eye

Camp Fire

The final product 

Alicia Milne

CEO, President and Director of Q2 Metals Corp. 

"Callum was a true professional and took some amazing shots and drone footage.  He researched the work project & area which resulted in good footage that we will be able to use on all of our media platforms.  He worked with us on what we wanted and the end product was very well organized and exactly what we needed."

Enhance your public image and lead by example in green initiatives being taken within the mining industry. Show that a large industrial company is creating unique innovations that sets you apart from others in your environmental, ethical, and social performance. 

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